The traffic library makes an intensive use of pandas DataFrames and of the shapely GIS library.

The library relies on requests for calls to REST APIs. paramiko implements the SSH protocol in Pure Python, giving access to SSH connection independently of the operating system.

Static visualisation tools are accessible with Matplotlib through the cartes library, which leverages access to more projections and to data from OpenStreetMap. More dynamic visualisations in Jupyter Lab are accessible thanks to the altair and ipyleaflet libraries; other exports to various formats (including CesiumJS or Google Earth) are also available.

We recommend cloning the latest version from the repository before installing it.

git clone
cd traffic/
pip install .

If you are not comfortable with that option, you can always install the latest release:

pip install traffic


cartopy and shapely have strong dependencies to dynamic libraries which may not be available on your system by default. If possible, install Anaconda, then create a virtualenv and run the next commands in the prompt/terminal:

conda install cartopy shapely
# then _either_ with pip (stable version)
pip install traffic
# _or_ from sources (dev version)
pip install .